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Plant Descriptions

All plants are native to the Appalachian range unless otherwise noted.

Adiantum pedatum "Northern Maidenhair Fern"

 Zones 3-7. Deciduous. Can grow 15-25 inches tall. Dark brown to black glossy stalks. Grown for their elegant foliage. Enjoys living on the edges of streams and coves or forested hillsides with low direct sunlight. Likes rich, slightly acidic to slightly basic soil in the shade that is moist but not wet.        

Asplenium playtyneuron "Ebony Spleenwort Fern"

Zones 2-10. Evergreen. Can grow 12-20 inches, grows taller in southern regions. Can be found as undergrowth in rocky fields or woods, on slopes, along banks or bases of rocky ledges. Would look nice along walls or fences. Can tolerate dry conditions better than most ferns. Grows best in well drained, rocky soil and doesn't mind full sun as long as they are kept moist, not wet.

Athyrium filix-femina var. asplenioides "Southern Lady Fern"

Zones 6-8. Deciduous. Grows up to 30 inches tall. Is beautifully accented with red stems. Excellent for borders or background planting in shady to partly sunny forests, streams, and pond banks. Also can do well in swamps, moist thickets, and fields.

*Athyrium niponicum "Japanese Painted Fern"

(Japanese) Zones 3-8. Deciduous. 12-18 inches tall. Grows best under high light in moist-wet conditions with a neutral to moderately acidic pH. Also does well in partial shade, but some sunlight is necessary to produce the vibrant coloring.

Cheilanthes lanosa "Hairy Lip Fern"

Zones 4-6. Evergreen. Can grow from 3-16 inches long. Lovers of dry, rocky places- mostly acidic, but also on limestone. Will die back in drought but will send up new fronds after rain or heavy moisture. Enjoy moderate to full sun and can be successfully grown on mossy rocks or down in the soil between rocks.       

*Cheilanthes viridis "Green Cliff Brake Fern"

(Australian) Zones 7-9.  Semi-evergreen. May reach up to 20 inches tall. Likes to live as undergrowth and margins of evergreen forest as well as among rocks in woodland areas.

*Cyrtomium falcatum var. rochfordianum "Holly Fern"

(Japanese) Zones 6-10. Evergreen. 30 inches tall. Grows well under medium to high light, partially shaded or shaded locations. Likes  rich, humus-y, well drained soil with medium moisture.

Cystopteris bulbifera "Bulblet Bladder Fern"

Zones 3-8. Deciduous. Grows up to 30 inches tall. A low growing rock fern that inhabits the lower ledges and crevices of cliffs, rocky ravines, rocky banks of streams, mossy boulders of rocky woodlands, and mossy stone walls. Usually, the rocky material of these habitats consists of limestone, although it sometimes consists of sandstone.  Reproduces by windblown sori, but also by small bulblets that also form on the underside of the leaflet.  

Dennstaedtia punctilobula "Hay-scented Fern"

Zones 4-7. Deciduous. Flushes out new fronds throughout the season. When it becomes brownish in late summer, it gives off a scent of crushed hay. Grows 16-30 inches tall. Likes less than 2 hours of full sun or will thrive in partially shaded woodlands, rocky slopes, stream banks, roadsides, and pastures in open, sandy and acidic soils (5.5). Responds well to acidifiers. Spreads rapidly and makes for a great ground cover.

Deparia acrostichoides "Silvery Glade Fern"

Zones 3-7. Deciduous. Can grow from 12-30 inches tall. Grows in rich, moist, well-drained  woodlands or other semi-shaded areas. Regularly used as background plantings in damp rock gardens or shaded borders of ponds or wetlands. The undersides of fertile fronds are silvery-gray when sori are immature in the summer.

Diplazium pycnocarpon "Narrow Glade Fern"

Zones 3-8. Deciduous. Can grow up to 36 inches tall. Enjoys shady, moist, and often rocky woods. Needs to maintain moisture in the absence of rain, so subsequent watering may be necessary. Normally found in talus fields in the mountains.

Dryopteris celsa "Log Fern"

Zones 6-8. Deciduous. Typically range in height from 28 inches to 36 inches. Great in shady wetlands in humus-rich soil. Found growing on rotting logs, seepage slopes, and hammocks mostly in Piedmont and Coastal Plain areas.

*Dryopteris steinolepis "Black Scaled Male Fern"

 (New Japanese introduction from George Sanko's garden in Atlanta, GA.) Zones 6-8. Evergreen. Can grow up to 24-32 inches tall. Similar growing conditions to Dryopteris erythrosoro. See description below.

*Dryopteris erythrosora "Autumn Fern"

(Japanese) Zones 5-8. Evergreen. Reaches up to 36 inches tall. Easily grown in average, slightly acidic, medium to wet soils in part shade to full shade. New growth has an attractive reddish coppery color, turning dark shiny green upon maturity. New fronds are produced throughout the growing season.

Dryopteris filix-mas "Male Fern"

Zones 3-5. Evergreen. May reach up to almost four feet tall. Typically found in cool, moist, and rocky habitats such as woodland boulder fields and wooded talus slopes. Cares for limey soils. Recommended for mountainous areas from 3000 feet and up.

Dryopteris goldiana "Goldie's Wood Fern"

 Zones 3-8. Evergreen. Can get as tall as 45 inches. Enjoys dense moist woods and seeps, especially rocky ravines. Grows best in  a talus-like root zone. Would make a great centerpiece plant in a shady rock garden or border ponds, streams, and other wetlands. Loves rich soils.

Dryopteris ludoviciana "Southern Wood Fern"

Zones 6-9. Semi-evergreen. Up to 52 inches tall. Great in a swampy or wet areas of the garden. Has a spreading habit. Plant in light sun to full shade in consistently moist soil.

Dryopteris marginalis "Marginal Wood Fern"

 Zones 5-7. Evergreen. Grows to an average height of 24 inches. Abundant in rocky, wooded slopes, ravines, edges of woods, and semishaded pockets of well-drained soil. Also likes talus-like conditions. Excellent in borders, forests with a moderate or well-balanced supply of moisture , along the shaded banks of streams and ponds or rock gardens. Drought tolerant.

*Dryopteris tokyoensis "Tokyo Wood Fern"

(Japanese) Zones 5-8. Deciduous. Reaches 36 inches tall. Grows well in medium light, in moist acidic soil. Enjoys being a part of woodland or shade gardens. Great accent fern.

Matteuccia struthiopteris "Ostrich Fern"

Zones 3-7. Deciduous. Sterile fronds sometimes reach 50+ inches tall, while fertile fronds will be closer to 24 inches tall. Sterile fronds wither with first frost, but stiff, dark brown, compact fertile fronds remain through the winter. Enjoy rich woods, stream banks, floodplains, swamps, and places with wet or damp soils. Edible fiddle heads.

Onoclea sensibilis "Sensitive Fern"

Zones 3-8. Deciduous. Can grow up to 30 inches tall. Make a wonderful ground cover and likes average moisture and part sun, but also can be found in open swamps, wet areas, marshes, or low woods. In the Spring, new fronds appear to be pinkish-purple until they mature.

Osmunda cinnamomea "Cinnamon Fern"

 Zones 3-10. Deciduous. Reaches 40+ inches tall. Found in acidic moist meadows, sunny marshes, and moist thin canopy forests. Excellent in sunny wetland gardens, around bodies of water with some full sun, and moist open woods. Here at Natives Plus, we grow local genotypes of this fern- from around our Chattooga River area.

Osmunda claytoniana "Interrupted Fern"

 Zone 3-8. Deciduous. 16-39 inches tall. Loves moist woods, ditches, swamp edges, but can do well in well-drained soils as well those types of wet areas.

Osmunda regalis "Royal Fern"

Zones 2-9. Deciduous. Can reach up to 60 inches tall. Enjoys sunny wet areas usually in acidic soil including swamps, low woods, wet meadows, stream banks, marshes, and bogs.

Phegopteris hexagonoptera "Broad Beech Fern"

 Zones 4-9. Deciduous. Around 12 inches tall. Prefers moist, rich, moderately acidic to more alkaline woodland soils. Makes for a beautiful ground cover.

Polystichum acrostichoides "Christmas Fern"

Zones 3-9. Evergreen. Grows up to 18 inches tall and can spread to 24 inches in width. Adaptable to many settings from sunny borders to shady ground covers and from wet to semi-dry conditions.

Pteridium aquilinum "Western Bracken Fern"

Zones 3-9. Deciduous. May grow to 36 inches tall. Occurs on dry sunny slopes and open-canopy forests, as well as old pastures, burned over areas, and sandy semi-shaded areas. Often grows thicker in well drained sunny meadows and has thought to be  an indicator of poor and barren soil where it pops up in the wild. Another great ground cover.

Thelypteris kunthii "Southern Shield Fern"

 Zones 6-9. Semi-evergreen. 30-36 inches tall. Grows well in medium light in moist sand, loam, clay, or limestone. Poor drainage okay. Great for wetland and water garden habitat. Usually found in swamps, canyons, stream banks, low woods, or on dripping limestone.
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Thelypteris noveboracensis "New York Fern"

Zones 3-8. Deciduous. Reaches 16-18 inches tall. Likes moist to average hillsides, stream banks, and moist lowlands. Enjoys 50% canopy unless it is in wetter environments, then an open canopy to full sun is enjoyed. Excellent ground cover. Prefers 5.0 pH.

Thelypteris palustris "Marsh Fern"

Zones 3-8. Deciduous. Can grow up to 36 inches tall. Generally restricted to full sun or partially shaded moist areas such as stream banks, marshes, floodplains, and seeps. Makes for an excellent ground cover fern around water features in low lying areas that stay wet to moist. Loves rich muddy soil.

Woodsia obtusa "Blunt-Loped Cliff Fern"

Zones 4-9. Deciduous.Can reach a height of 18 inches. Prefers open exposure among and at the bases of rocks. Also found on shady moist ledges, common in limestone areas.

Woodwardia areolata "Netted Chain Fern"

Zones 6-8. Deciduous. 10-20 inches tall. Enjoys shaded areas of moist ditches, stream banks, marshes, acidic bogs, wet woods, moist sandstone cliffs, and moist meadows. An excellent ground cover and can be used as a lower layer around taller sun loving plants. Most common around coastal plains area, sometimes in semi-brackish waters.

Woodwardia virginica "Virginia Chain Fern"

Zones 4-9. Deciduous. Grows up to 36 inches tall. Occurs in sunny wet areas like Sphagnum bogs, swamps, roadside ditches, muddy wet spots in the woods. Rooted mostly in water that is often a foot or more deep. Cares for acidic locations.

Other Plants We Offer:

Rhododendron maximum "Rosebay Rhododendron"

Zones 4-9. Evergreen. Can grow up to 15 feet high. Shade lover with trusses of shell white flowers. Long leaf, 18 to 20 inches long.

Helleborus orientalus/Helleborus hybridus "Hellebore/Lenten Rose"

Zones 6-9. Deciduous. Reaches up to 18 inches. May produce up to 4 pendant to outward facing, saucer shaped flowers in a variable of colors. Loves moist and well drained soil. Mixed colors.

Podophyllum peltatum "Mayapple"

Zones 3-9. Deciduous. Grows to 18 inches tall. A creeping perennial with solitary, semi-pendant, cup-shaped, fragrant, waxy white to pale pink flowers. Flowers followed by edible, ovoid, yellowish-green fruit. Cares for humus-rich, leafy, moist soil in full or partial shade.

Polygonatum commutatum "Solomon's Seal"

Zones 3-7. Deciduous. 16-72 inches tall. Grow in fertile, humus-rich, moist but well drained soil in full or partial shade. Dangling white bell flowers in late spring, followed by a crop of blue-black berries, not fit for consumption, in the fall. Tubers are edible.

Smilacina racemosa "Plume Solomon's Seal"

Zones 4-9. Deciduous. Reaches heights of 36 inches. Clump forming. A "plume" of many white to creamy white flowers produced in mid and late spring, followed by green berries that ripen to red. Grow in moderately fertile, humus-rich, acidic, moist but well-drained soil. Prefers light dappled shade or deep shade.

Sanguinaria canadensis "Blood Root

Zones 3-9. Deciduous. Only 6-8 inches tall. Grow in moderately fertile, humus-rich, moist but well drained soil in deep or partial shade. Thrives in part-day sun where soils remain reliably moist. Distinctive solitary white flowers emerge in spring as leaves unfold.

Trillium cuneatum "Sweet Betsy Trillium "

Zones 6-9. Deciduous. 12-24 inches tall.  Loves moist but well-drained, deep, humus-rich soil, preferably acidic to neutral. Needs deep or partial shade. If not planted in forest-like setting, mulch annually in autumn with leaf mold. Tri-color leaf, followed by musk-scented, dark maroon, sessiled flower that appears in spring.
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Trillium discolor "Faded Trillium"

Zones 6-7. Deciduous. Reaches around 8 inches tall with up to a 10 inch leaf spread. A rare plant limited to the mountainous areas of the Savannah River drainage of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. It is also restricted to scattered sites along the Whitewater and Thomson rivers in North Carolina. Can inhabit a variety of areas including wooded slopes, rich forests, switch cane brakes, rocky bluffs, or ravine slopes. Cares for neutral to basic soils. Off white sessiled flowers bloom in late March through early May and produce a spicy clove-like fragrance.